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Letter to the Editor: Personal Fitness Solutions Has Way More to Offer than Its Humorous Signs

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper.
This letter is in response to THIS business spotlight that we published on August 30, 2019.
I wanted to add a response letter to your recent story in Haddam-Killingworth Now paper under Business Spotlight in which you wrote about Personal Fitness Solutions.  In the article that was posted on August 30th, you highlighted Kevin Carlson’s clever signs which yes are funny and as a person who drives by, I’m always wondering what the next will say. What the signs don’t say and what your story of this local business didn’t address is what’s behind the signs. As a member, I can tell you it’s sweat, hard work, sore muscles, commitment, diet strategies and steady progress with timely results for its patrons. It’s complex nutritional guidance by a licensed nutrition coach. Its stress reduction achieved by Massage Therapists. It’s individualized training programs that are always changing to achieve personal goals. None of this was mentioned. I am one of many who have had my life/health changed through Kevin’s unique style of programming. I was once flabby and tired all the time, now I’m fit, muscled and full of energy. In your article you briefly mention the interior as spacious, new looking top of the line equipment, but you failed to mention the before and after pictures on the wall of some people who have made tremendous changes to their health, weight, lifestyles, and diets. So yes the signs are funny but there is so much more to that gym and its owner that as a spotlighted business should have been mentioned.
Kerri Walsh

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