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Letter to the Editor: On the Theft of Lawn Signs in Haddam & Killingworth

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. 

A Letter to the Residents of Haddam and Killingworth on Stolen Lawn Signs

Dear Residents of Haddam and Killingworth:

As you may have heard, several Black Lives Matter lawn signs were stolen from people’s property in Killingworth and Haddam in the last week.

This, of course, is theft of private property, and has implications for free speech rights. In these highly partisan times, it’s important for people to be able to respectfully express their viewpoints, in conversations, in media and in any signs or messages that residents may choose to put on their own property. Stealing signs is not only an infringement on property rights, but is an attempt to silence free speech and political expressions, and exacerbates the divisions in our towns— we’d feel the same way about any signs that are taken, whether they be for Trump, for Biden, or for any mainstream political cause.

I’m sure many in our two communities are as upset at this news as we are. Please consider lending your voices and expressing the importance of respecting people’s choices and rights to express their views, and that stealing signs is trespassing and is subject to police actions. And consider reporting stolen signs to our state troopers! It could help calm tensions and reinforce the joint values we share.

All of the signers of this letter are residents of our two communities. If you would like to add your name to the list, please contact Peter Baird at

We hope you are all healthy and well in these trying times. Thanks.

Jane Baird
Peter Baird
Paige Altman
Liz Bazazi
Aubrey Bingham
Natalie Blodgett
Gina Block
Haldan Block
Correne Boucher
Lauren Brown Braren
Brenda Buzzi
Cary Chadwick
Lori Chadwick
Lisa Connelly
Sue Costa
Christina Cowen
Becca Degnan
Greg Duch
Kara Duch
Lisa Dwyer
Keirsten Estabrooks
Lee Febos
Cati Ferrari
Carol Flanagan-Dupuis
Erika Fleig
Mark Fong
Beth Gagliardi
Lynn Kaminski Gallant
Amber Gibb
Ryan Gold
Rebecca Gordon
George Hartke
Dana Henry
Sally Jordan
Jennifer Larkin
Jenny Law
Laura Lee
Eric Lippincott
Marie Lippincott
Ralph Livieri
Anaka Maher
Paul Malone
Theresa Malone
Jackie Chesney McGrath
David Olsen
Heather Pach
Katie Packtor
Sam Packtor
Niralee Patel-Lye
Christine Peterson
John Peterson
Amy Purdy
Amy Richmond
Linda Rigono
Joe Rizzo
Katy Rizzo
Jodie Robinson
Morgan Rosa
Katy Sakash
Neil Sakash
Heather Scanlon
Divinna Snyder Schmitt
Kayleigh Schneider
Laura Schneider
Pam Scully
Gretchen Spector
Nicole Stevens
Annie Stirna
Jeff Sturges
Jenny Stupakevich
Kyle Sullivan
Jan Sweet
Cristina Tellechea
Deb Thomas
Jen Gero Voegtli
Bob Waller
Sue Williams
Arriana Zapor
Cait Zinser

Edited 8/1/20 to add two more names.
Edited 8/2/20 to add three more names.


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