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Letter to the Editor from Christine Palm, 11/10/18

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Letter to the Editor – The Haddam News
Nov. 10, 2018

On the morning after Election Day, amid the happiness I felt over being elected as the new State Rep. for the 36th District, I also thought of all the people of Haddam who are bitterly disappointed by the election results. Although I won my race overall by 338 votes – considered decisive in General Assembly races but far from a landslide – I lost the town of Haddam. Why dwell on this? Because I want the people of Haddam to know that I’m aware I do not have a “mandate” with you. I know I’ll have to work hard to prove myself — to listen to your concerns as intently as I will listen to the concerns of the people in the three towns that did vote for me (Chester, Deep River and Essex).

Let’s be honest: In contrast to the rest of the 36th, Haddam has voted Republican for several years now; only U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney won in Haddam this election cycle.

As I prepare to represent you in January, I want to acknowledge the public service of my opponent, Rep. Bob Siegrist. Just as he did, I intend to work hard to represent you at the Capitol. Now is the time to build coalitions that work for the good of all, to work together for economic revival and opportunity, to work together for a tax system that doesn’t burden the middle class, to work together for school safety and excellence, to work together to protect our environment; in other words, to work as one for the enhancement of the quality of life for all our residents, regardless of party affiliation.

I’m ready to get started. I hope I can count on you to work with me.

Christine Palm

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