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Letter to the Editor: Eileen Blewett, Killingworth candidate for Board of Education

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Dear Fellow Residents,

I have spent the last four years devoted to the work of the BOE.   We are extremely fortunate to have an outstanding district that prides itself on doing what is best for students.   With every decision, the Board needs to ask how this serves students and improves the teaching and learning of all students.  I am extremely proud of this district for holding true to this principle.  The outstanding devotion, work ethic, and perseverance of every person employed by RSD17 is why I continue serve.

As a parent of four HK graduates and a prior employee of RSD17 I know firsthand the workings of this district.  For my own children, their HK education gave them a strong foundation and helped them become happy and productive adults.  This is my sincere wish for all students.  My gratitude is why I serve.  Being an effective Board member means being all in. I have served as Board Secretary, Board Treasurer, Chair of the Finance Subcommittee, member of the Curriculum, Personnel and Evaluation, Facilities, Strategic Planning, Strategic Capital Planning subcommittees, and the Public Building Committee.  I have taken on the challenges of every aspect of the Board and plan to continue.   I am steadfast, reliable, consistent, and committed to this work.

The Board supports the work to expand the Social Emotional Learning and the District Diversity Committee.  The BOE needs to complete the work of Strategic Planning. Recently, the district completed the Vision of the Graduate and now the strategic plan needs to surround the Vision to implement the skills and dispositions critical to students meeting life goals.  Once the strategic plan is in place the Board will need to support the resources to complete these objections.  Innovation in teaching and learning that takes HK to the next level of excellence is work that I proudly support.  This work takes a committed Board and I guarantee that I am that dedicated Board member.  I look forward to completing the work, that I have been involved with from the inception.  Promoting and implementing the Vision allows our students to think critically, communicate effectively, have a growth mindset, and contribute productively.  The goal is for students to display character, courage, integrity, respect, empathy, and respect.

It is a privilege to serve and support this work.  My devotion is why I work so hard.  My expectations for this district are nothing but the best.  I never lose sight that we care about what is best for our students.  WE support the continuing outstanding work of our Administrators to protect students so that they feel comfortable, welcome, and included.  Through kindness and respect, we can do great things.  I welcome the chance to serve on the BOE again.  The challenges are real, and the work continues. I am asking for your support to continue working for what is best for all students. Thank you for your continued support for the children of Killingworth.

Sincere Thanks,

Eileen M.  Blewett

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