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Letter to the Editor: $7mm Bond Ignores Haddam’s Emergency

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$7mm Bond Ignores our Emergency

(August 5, 2019). – This proposed $7mm bond being voted on Tuesday night ignores our emergency . The bond was conceived and structured before we knew of Citizens Bank and Haddam Elementary School (HES) both closing in the center of Higganum. We have to restructure this bond effort in order to save Higganum, which is most certainly a very high priority in our Town of Haddam.

The process is this: Vote NO Tuesday, Restructure, then Vote Yes. It will take time, but the financial markets (the Fed’s recent actions) are on our side. And our new Town Planner has already come up with strong, positive Projects. We must move quickly. It will take the combined efforts of our Selectmen, BOF, PZC, Town Planner, vision groups, and our Public to work fast and effectively. But the only way to restructure this $7mm bond is to vote NO Tuesday, August 6th, then all of us get to work, quickly. If we do not do this together, right now, then our future is divided, and bleak.

Maurice D. Adams
Haddam, CT

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