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KVFC: Killingworth Water Signs Missing — Please Return!

By Todd Hajek.

Missing sign #1

On the morning of May 27, 2020, it was discovered that both waterhole signs were missing on Laurel Ridge Trail. The best we can tell this happened over the previous 24-48 hours. While these signs do cost us roughly $50 each with hardware, the greater cost is when we cannot locate one of these water sources during a fire.

Missing sign #2

Killingworth has no fire hydrants so we rely exclusively on these ponds, lakes & underground water tanks for fire protection. Often times it’s a neighboring department that is assigned the water supply task and since they are not as familiar with our town these signs play a critical role in locating the water sources. We have a full inventory of locations at the 9-1-1 dispatch center but most of these are in between properties so we assign a range (between XX and XX Address) to assist in locating.

Example of sign

We’d greatly appreciate the return of these two signs, no questions asked. We’ll be surveying the town to ensure no others are missing.

See photos of the two that are missing as well as a photo to show what the sign looks like.

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