Friday, January 27, 2023
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KVFC Elects Officers for Upcoming Year

By Killingworth Volunteer Fire Company.

The KVFC held their Annual Meeting on July 11, 2022 with election of Officers. The following were elected to serve in the upcoming year:
Chief – Richard Darin
Deputy Chief – Mike Carri
Asst. Chief – Ethan Drain
Asst. Chief  – Bill Shipman
Capt. – Kyle Vallera
Capt. – Ben Chasse
Rescue Capt. – Dan O’Brien
Rescue LT – Graig Judge
Fire LT – Mike Walton
Chief Engineer – Damon Munz
Secretary – Paul Schilling
Treasurer – Sean Lester
Trustee – Paul Jacobs

SR. Trustee/Fire Commissioner – Todd Hajek

The Department recognized Chief Venuti and presented his Past Chief Badge.
Stepping down from officership, Assistant Chief Richard Bauer was thanked for all he contributed during the past year.

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