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Killingworth PFAS Test Results In – 29 wells tested

By Cathy Iino, First Selectwoman, Killingworth.
Results are in from 29 private wells in Killingworth tested for PFAS (a group of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances now thought to have adverse cumulative health effects). The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection had these wells tested because they are near the Beechwood Community’s wells, which tested positive for PFAS in March. Of the 29 wells tested, 11 showed no PFAS; 16 showed PFAS at levels below the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s action level of 70 parts per trillion; and 2 had a level of PFAS higher than 70 parts per trillion. Residents using these 2 wells have been advised not to use their water for cooking and drinking. DEEP is in the process of making bottled water available to them under a state contract and funding.
This round of testing began after the Connecticut Water Company, which provides water treatment for the Beechwood 55+ Community, announced that water samples taken at Beechwood wells were found to contain PFAS. The existing treatment system delivers water to Beechwood customers that is far below the CTDPH Drinking Water Action Level and the Environmental Protection Agency Health Advisory Level for PFAS. But because PFAS was found in the Beechwood system, DEEP began an investigation to try to identify and address the potential source of the PFAS and determine whether PFAS is present in other wells in the area.
PFAS water testing was also conducted at the Haddam Killingworth Intermediate/Middle School, Killingworth Elementary School, Town Hall/Fire Station, and the Killingworth Library. The level of PFAS detected in the Killingworth Intermediate/Middle School was significantly below the action level set by DPH, and therefore no further action is needed. No PFAS was detected in the library water. Water at KES had 47 parts per trillion of PFAS—below the action level, but high enough to trigger additional testing. KES has been using bottled water since the initial Beechwood findings and will continue to do so.
The Town Hall/Fire Station results showed a significant level of PFAS—1788 parts per trillion. The Town Hall and Fire Station 1 have been using bottled water for other reasons for decades and will continue to do so. This result, however, led DEEP to initiate a second round of testing of private wells in Killingworth. DEEP has identified 22 properties near Town Hall for testing and had 18 wells tested this week. Results will be available in 3-4 weeks.
The Town will continue to communicate as we work with DPH and DEEP to make sure our water supplies are safe. If you have any questions, please call the Killingworth Health Department.
Amy Scholz, Killingworth Director of Health
860-663-1765, x223
For more information on PFAS:
CT Department of Public Health  Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (
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CT Interagency PFAS Task Force:  PFAS Task Force (
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