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Killingworth: Major Party Endorsements Nov. 2, 2021 Municipal Election

By Dawn Rees Mooney, Town Clerk, Killingworth.

Killingworth July 29, 2021

This list may differ from the actual names on the ballot in November as there is still time for petitions to be filed, candidates may withdraw, and Killingworth’s third party’s endorsements are not due until September 1 – Dawn Rees Mooney.

Major Party Endorsements

November 2, 2021 Municipal Election

OFFICE                                                  DEMOCRAT                  REPUBLICAN
First Selectman *— Nancy Gorski
Selectman Louis C. Annino Jr.

Jamie Mowat Young

Eileen Blewett

Graig Judge

Town Clerk Dawn Rees Mooney Dawn Rees Mooney
Town Treasurer Donna Dupuis Donna Dupuis
Board of Finance Anne K. Stirna

Tara Amatrudo


Douglas Lefko

Todd Blewett

Sara O’Brien

Board of Assessment Appeals Matthew T. Stillman Francesco Lulaj
Planning & Zoning Commission Geoffrey Cook

William T. Tobelman


Brice McLaughlin

Guy Vecchitto

David Gross

Planning & Zoning Commission Alt. Stephanie Warren Malorie Neveu
Zoning Board of Appeal Brian Patrick Young


Jennifer Torello

Graig Judge

Zoning Board of Appeals Alt. Benjamin A. Charney John Mancini
Board of Fire Commissioners Jennifer Lynn Liptak Don Offner
Regional Board of Education Kathleen Zandi


Eileen Blewett

Heather Scholfield


* No endorsement made


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