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Killingworth: Covid test distribution update 1/4/22

By Nancy Gorski, First Selectman, Killingworth.

My apologies for not sending an email alert yesterday regarding the availability of COVID test kits. I posted availability of the kits on the town website and Facebook but neglected to send an email. I realize now how important the emails are to the community and will not neglect to do so in the future.
On Dec 27, 2021, the state notified Killingworth to expect 810 test kits and that test kits for the school districts would be managed separately.
On Dec 29, 2021, the day before distribution, the state notified towns that the test kits would not be available.
On Dec 31, 2021, the state acquired a limited number of test kits and notified towns to prioritize distribution to symptomatic individuals and frontline workers, including first responders, childcare workers and school staff.
On Jan 1, 2022, the state notified Killingworth we would only receive 450 test kits.
On Jan 3, 2022, I personally picked up the supplies. By the time test kits were set aside for frontline workers, we had less than 150 kits to distribute for a town with a population of approximately 6,400. Our goal was to stop the spread of COVID, prioritizing symptomatic individuals and the elderly.
Kudos to our town employees who stepped up to answer phone calls and distribute kits, exhausting supplies by 9:00 a.m. this morning.
Distribution of additional COVID supplies to towns, whether test kits or masks, remains a fluid situation. We are expecting N-95 masks and I will send out a notification when and where distribution will occur.
Again, my apologies for not responding earlier by email.
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