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Killingworth: Chip Sealing Local Roads to Begin June 18, 2020

By Cathy Iino, First Selectman, Killingworth.

Starting Thursday, June 18, we will begin chip sealing a number of roads in town. The project will take several days. All roads will remain open.

Chip sealing roads extends the life of the pavement and makes the surface safer in icy conditions. There will be some loose “chips” of stone for a couple of weeks after application. We will be using smaller stone than in the past, but we still recommend that you drive extra slowly to avoid kicking up the loose stone. Within a month after chip sealing, we will sweep up any excess stone.

The following roads will be chip-sealed, approximately in this order:

Hemlock Road
Deer Ridge Road
Oak Lane Road
Beech Tree Ridge Road
Dudley Town Road
Homestake Lane
Old Mine Road
Goldfield Road
Laurel Ridge Road
Linnea Lane
Lafata Lane
Beaver Dam Road
Buell Hill Road
Pheasant Run Road
Cow Pen Hill Road
Sugar Hill Road
Madison Hollow
Owl Hollow Lane
Hunter’s Ridge Road
Fritz Road
Burr Hill Road

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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