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HVFCo: Vehicle Fire on Route 9S

By Olivia Drake, HVFCo. Public Information Officer.

Haddam Volunteer Fire Company responded to a vehicle fire on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018 on Route 9S near Exit 8. The vehicle’s operator, who reportedly was returning from an antique auction with a loaded van and trailer, heard a popping sound and pulled over realizing that there was a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment.

The operator self-extricated himself from the burning vehicle and attempted to pull items from the van, causing minor burns to his hand. He was treated on scene by Haddam Ambulance personnel and refused additional medical treatment.

Firefighters used a hand line of Engine 6-13 to extinguish the fire. Crews pulled all burning debris from the vehicle and soaked the van’s interior and the van’s contents to prevent anything from reigniting.

Firefighters closed both lane of traffic until the fire was extinguished.

Photo by Olivia Drake.

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