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HVFCo: November 2018 Report

By Olivia Drake, HVFCo Public Information Officer.

Haddam Volunteer Fire Company responded to 47 calls for emergency services during the month of November.

Of those:

Fire/alarms: 13
Motor vehicle accidents: 8
Medical: 23
Others: 3

Activities began Nov. 3 with a motor vehicle accident and downed power lines on Old Cart Road. A driver had struck a utility pole but was able to self-extricate. The patient was evaluated on scene by Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service personnel. Firefighters stayed on scene until Eversource confirmed the scene was safe.

Also on Nov. 3, HVFC was dispatched for wires and a possible transformer down on Killingworth Road, and also wires down and branches on fire on Saybrook Road. Crews detoured traffic onto Walkley Hill while firefighters worked to extinguish a smoldering branch and embers.

On Nov. 4, firefighters extinguished a small brush fire on the side of Candlewood Hill Road. The fire was caused by an arcing secondary power line. Crews used a water can, hand tools and a forestry hand line to extinguished the fire. Candlewood Hill Road was closed to traffic during the incident.

11/5/2018 fire

HVFC responded to a vehicle fire on Nov. 5 on Route 9S near Exit 8. The vehicle’s operator, who reportedly was returning from an antique auction with a loaded van and trailer, heard a popping sound and pulled over realizing that there was a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment. The operator self-extricated himself from the burning vehicle and attempted to pull items from the van, causing minor burns to his hand. He was treated on scene by Haddam Ambulance personnel and refused additional medical treatment.

Firefighters used a hand line of Engine 6-13 to extinguish the fire. Crews pulled all burning debris from the vehicle and soaked the van’s interior and the van’s contents to prevent anything from reigniting.

Transfer Station fire

On Nov. 10, HVFC was dispatched to a dumpster fire at the Haddam Transfer Station on Saybrook Road. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered flames and smoke coming from inside a trash compactor and receiving box. Transfer station crews unhooked the motorized compactor unit from the box and began emptying the burning contents onto the parking area.

Firefighters sprayed water on two piles of burning debris to extinguish the fire. They used tools to spread the smoldering debris and continued to spray the area to prevent additional flare-ups.

The transfer station was temporarily closed during the fire.

On Nov. 11, HVFC dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving three vehicles. One driver was transported to Middlesex Hospital via Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service.

Crews responded to another motor vehicle accident on Nov. 14 where a car had struck a utility pole. The vehicle’s operator and passenger were both transported to Middlesex Hospital with minor injuries.

HFVC responded to several other motor vehicle accidents this month including a car vs. utility pole on Burr Road, Nov. 15; a one-car rollover on Route 9S on Nov. 15; and a car vs. deer on Route 9N on Nov. 22.

On Nov. 23, HVFC was dispatched to a reported vehicle fire on Route 9N near exit 9. Upon arrival, crews encountered an active fire with the single occupant out of the vehicle. Crews used a water can to extinguish the fire and removed a section of smoldering carpet.

Drills this month included chimney fire operations, truck checks, and a water pumping drill.

HVFC welcomes new members interested in the role of firefighter and fire police. All training and gear are provided. For more information email

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