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HVFC Elects new officers – Oct. 4, 2021

By Olivia Drake, HVFC

Congratulations to Haddam Volunteer Fire Company’s newly-elected officers who were voted in during the Oct. 4 monthly meeting!

The chief officers are (pictured front row from left) Chief Sam Baber, who starts his ninth year at the helm; Deputy Chief Jed Morrissey; and Assistant Chief Peter Brown.

They are joined by (pictured back row, from left) Captain Dan Casey; Lieutenant Chuck Kowal; Lieutenant Kyle Everett, Lieutenant Greg Duval; Captain Richard Zanelli; and Captain Jeff Doskos.

In addition, Scott Larson was appointed to radio engineer; Greg Duval to mechanical engineer; Malcolm Meyer to building engineer; Kevin Griffith to quartermaster; Michelle Lafo to company treasurer; Mary Adametz to company secretary; and Dan Casey to the Haddam Volunteer Fire Department (which includes Haddam Neck) Board of Directors.

The newly-elected representatives to the Haddam Volunteer Fire Company Board of Directors are John Boothroyd, Rich Williams, Scott Larson, and Rick Annino.

Company elections are held every two years. This particular election was held late, so officers will serve one year and nine months.

“I want to thank the officers who served the past two years, and I look forward to working alongside our new cohort of officers,” Chief Baber said.

HVFC is actively looking to recruit new volunteers for the roles of firefighter, EMS, and fire police. All training and gear is provided. For more information email or visit

Photo by Olivia Drake, HVFC.

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