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HVFC Dispatched to Aid in Marine Rescue on Connecticut River

By Olivia Drake, HVFC Public Information Officer

(June 20, 2022) — At 9:05 p.m. on June 19, 2022, Haddam Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to aid in a marine rescue on the Connecticut River south of Haddam Meadows State Park. A woman who was canoeing without a life vest had reportedly tipped over and fallen into the river.

Marine units from Haddam, with mutual aid provided by East Haddam Volunteer Fire Department and Chester Hose Company, all accessed the river from different locations to search for the missing woman. The HVFC Chief, along with Connecticut State Police, accessed her launch point via a dirt road in the south end of the state park, where she and another person had built a campfire.
While the boats were deploying, the woman was able to swim to the shoreline where she repeatedly called out for help. Units from Haddam and East Haddam located the woman near the Mill Creek inlet and River Bluffs Road.
The woman was transferred to Haddam Meadows State Park where she was evaluated on scene by Haddam Ambulance personnel. She refused additional medical treatment.
Chester units located the missing canoe and transported it back to the state park.
The camp fire was extinguished and all units were cleared.

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) anyone using a manually-professed vessel must have a wearable life jacket aboard for each person. All children 12 and under must wear a life jacket.

Photos by Olivia Drake

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