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HKMS: Cougar Celebrations September 2021

Submitted by Debra Cumpstone

Our Cougar Core Value Awards are given to students who exemplify one or more of our Cougar Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Kindness, and Perseverance. These Core Values were developed and accepted by Haddam Killingworth Middle School students, parents, faculty, and staff in 2016, and we recognize students each month. We appreciate these students’ commitment to upholding our core values and being role models at HKMS.

On Friday, October 1, 2021 Haddam Killingworth Middle School held their first Town Meeting for the 2021-22 school year where the following students were recognized for the month of September.

Claire Anderson       Kindness
Delaney Aronson     Respect, Responsibility
Reagan Aronson      Acceptance, Respect, Responsibility
Benjamin Asbury     Respect, Responsibility
Lily Austin                Respect, Kindness
Julia Battista            Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Maxim Bergman     Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Acceptance
Joaquin Bonham    Responsibility, Perseverance
Rachel Burt             Responsibility, Kindness, Perseverance
Lillian Carey             Responsibility, Perseverance
Kellen Cassidy         Respect, Perseverance
Emma Castiglioni    Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Francesca Ciociola  Respect, Responsibility
Jameson Conte        Respect, Responsibility
Peyton Dixon           Kindness, Acceptance
Julia Downing          Responsibility, Kindness, Acceptance
Lucy Dysinger          Kindness, Responsibility
Madison Epright     Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Brody Ferguson       Perseverance, Responsibility, Respect
Lyla Ford                  Respect, Responsibility
Eveneser Garcia      Perseverance, Responsibility
Zachery Goldfarb    Respect, Responsibility
Nathan Hughes       Respect, Responsibility
Maizie Irons            Kindness, Acceptance
Ashley Kelly             Kindness, Respect, Responsibility
Aidan Lena               Kindness, Perseverance, Responsibility
Michael Leone         Perseverance, Kindness
Adam Livingston     Perseverance, Responsibility
Kaitlyn Mazer          Kindness
Matthew Medina    Responsibility, Perseverance, Kindness
Tyler Medina            Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Rosalynne Mendez  Responsibility, Perseverance
Magdalen Miller      Kindness, Responsibility
Alison Miranda        Respect, Responsibility
Sebastian Morales  Perseverance, Responsibility
John Moyher            Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Catherine Nguyen   Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Kindness
Olivia Panzella         Perseverance, Kindness, Respect
Tristan Papuga        Perseverance, Responsibility
Frieda Petersen       Responsibility, Perseverance
Adalyn Proulx          Respect, Responsibility. Perseverance
Laura Quilliam        Responsibility, Perseverance
Mackenzie Rahmann Kindness, Respect, Perseverance
Aaron Richwine        Kindness, Acceptance
Arabella Ripp            Kindness, Responsibility
Karissa Sehl-Albert  Kindness, Responsibility
Grace Shariff             Perseverance, Kindness, Respect
Violet Shatraw          Kindness
Cash Smigel              Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Eli Snow                    Respect, Responsibility
Elijah Sorrentino     Responsibility, Perseverance
Tyler Statkiewicz     Responsibility
Eliza Sturges             Responsibility, Respect, Kindness
Lauren Thebeau      Kindness
Sarah Thomen         Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Tyler Traczyk            Kindness, Respect
Alysa Waterbury     Respect, Responsibility

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