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Higganum’s Kelly Morin Brings Dirty Windshield Art to a Whole New Level

By Kathy Brown.

What do you do while your kids are playing in the snow? Sit inside and drink hot cocoa? Clean the house while they are occupied? How about creating art on your salty car windshield?

I first saw the photo on Eweather and reached out to the artist, Kelly Morin, of Higganum. Kelly is a former art teacher, who is now a stay-at-home mom. “I sneak in creative escapes whenever I can, whether it is making pancake art, crafting with or for my kids, or in this case, drawing on my car.”

“I was watching my girls play in the snow last week and just started doodling in the window with my finger,” Kelly explained. “That drawing of mountains and sky eventually got covered with more road salt and dirt and this week when my daughters were playing in the snow again, I took another stab at it with my daughter’s pencil eraser. The trickiest part is not being able to make a mistake or erase.”

The level of detail is impressive, considering Kelly was only using a pencil eraser.

It took one trip to school to cover the drawing with more road salt and dirt. Kelly says, “I’m sure I’ll be at it again, especially after all the encouragement. The most rewarding part is the thumbs up and horn toots I’ve gotten on the road.”

Photo courtesy of Kelly Morin.

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