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Higganum Author Publishes His First Book

Submitted by Randy Wojnarowicz

(August 9, 2022) — Every family has an interesting secret as part of their history.  Often, many families spend years trying to run away from their pasts.  What happens when that secret gets revealed and everyone must face that reality and what it means for the family today?  Debut Author Randy Wojnarowicz’s new book Two Roads: The Unraveling of Dark Family Secrets, explores the dynamic of a family secret and the impact on three generations of the Shipman family.

Ray Shipman faces losing not only himself, but everyone he ever loved.  Ever the optimist, however, Ray is determined to live out whatever time he has left, on his own terms, with the love of his life, Allison, and his children, Dorothy and Jackie.

As Ray slips deeper into the grips of Alzheimer’s, he reveals a dark family secret that threatens to destroy the people he spent a lifetime protecting. Ray and Allison now face a reality they have avoided since the first year of their marriage, and it forces them to question whether their 50-year love story was real.

Ray’s beloved daughter, Dorothy, struggles to find the truth of who she really is and if Ray is the loving father she adores, or a fraud.

With incredible storytelling, Higganum author, Randy Wojnarowicz takes readers on an emotional ride seen through the eyes of three generations of the Shipman family as they grapple with their past, with losing Ray, and with an unimaginable tragedy that no one sees coming.

The road to publishing took more than two years.  Randy shared an unfinished manuscript with a literary strategist to whom he was referred by a friend.  The literary strategist loved the story and Randy hired them to help him navigate the publishing world.

When the book was released in March of this year, he promoted it on Facebook and watched as it climbed the debut book seller rankings all the way to #1 in its category, as well as claiming a spot in Amazon’s Hot New Releases, and garnering a 5 Star overall review from readers!

Since the book’s release, Randy has been interviewed on ‘The Authors Show’ and ‘Getting to the Heart of the Matter’ podcasts.

“It’s been quite a ride,” he says. “I am overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback from my readers.  I’m grateful for their kind words and by how much they’ve loved the story.”

The author does have a warning for anyone who reads his book: “You’re going to cry. It’s a beautiful story and there are a lot of intense moments.  I think people will identify with the characters and the issues and see some of themselves in what they are going through.”

Readers can learn more about Randy Wojnarowicz and Two Roads: The Unraveling of Dark Family Secrets through his website and social media page


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