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Haddam Remembers Its Veterans

Erland Lundgren

Submitted by Phil Devlin.

(Nov. 11, 2018) — World War I ended 100 years ago this weekend on November 11, 1918.

Twenty three men from Haddam were part of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) that went overseas and fought on French soil. The other 34 men served within the boundaries of the United States with either the Coastal Artillery Corps (CAC) or the Student Army Training Corps (SATC).

Eight men from Killingworth served—4 with the AEF. No serviceman from Killingworth was either wounded, killed, or disabled in the war. Below is a summary of Haddam men in the Great War.

Haddam Summary
  • The Connecticut Adjutant General’s book on World War I service lists 57 men from Haddam who participated in the Great War.

    William Woodruff
  • 4 KIA; 10 WIA; 4 Disabled
  • CAC–4; AEF–23; USN–9; SATC–1; US Army (domestic)–23.
  • Croix de Guerre–1 (Erland Lundgren)


  • William T. Woodruff: KIA Argonne Forest 10/16/18.
  • Hezekiah S. Porter: KIA 7/22/18
  • *Camillo M. Malacarne: 12/14/18 * (Claimed by Killingworth!)
  • Hilmer O. Johnson: H1N1 Flu; 9/30/18

*Based on my research, it is very likely that both Malacarne brothers listed under Haddam in the Attorney General’s official report on World War I, actually lived in the north end of Killingworth. Since Killingworth had no post office at the time, the Malacarnes used a Haddam post office mailing address.

Wounded in Action

  • Carl Anderson–disabled

    Frederick Frederickson
  • Walter Schutte–disabled
  • Joseph H. Behan–disabled
  • John Bard–disabled
  • Vernon P. Rich–2x
  • Wm. E. O’Connor
  • Frank S. Kelsey
  • Frederick W. Frederickson–gassed
  • Arthur E. Dickinson
  • Wm. E. Burr–gassed

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