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Haddam Poet Laureate: Visitation

By Lorraine Riess.


In the recess of dogwood nestled,
at the merge of two smooth branches
is the woven nest of a hummingbird.
Spider-silk and lichen soft walls
milkweed down and seed heads spun
to a thumb deep chamber in shadow.
She will drop two eggs, pearls of wonder.

I will sit in the sun and wait
for the purring whir of her wings
the cape of emerald sparkle
green helmet glinting, bladed tail spread
as she hovers dark eyed before me
to check the veracity of my red-flowered shirt.
An acrobat sure of her elegance and speed

she darts off once more
to pierce the air with needled bill
stitching cloud to sky for an instant.
In her wake a contrail of my amazement.
So rare to be in nature’s sway.

Lorraine Riess

Lorraine Riess is current poet laureate of Haddam and invites your submission in HK-Now for publication. You may email submissions to: All poetry should be no longer than 30 lines (one page). Include a short bio of 75 words or less. You will be notified by email if your work is selected. All work is copyrighted by the author.

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