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Haddam Poet Laureate: Lovebirds

By Lorraine Riess, 2/28/22.


He was the straightman
for her acerbic barbs.
To compensate
he ate;
to keep the peace
became obese,
slammed the kitchen doors
and drawers
though she’d repeatedly
implored him
not to.

On the nights he snored
she foraged
for the chocolate
stored in her nightstand.
He ignored the foil
before he dropped back
to sleep.

They loved each other
for fifty years.


Lorraine Riess

Lorraine Riess is current poet laureate of Haddam and invites your submission in HK-Now for publication. You may email submissions to: All poetry should be no longer than 30 lines (one page). Include a short bio of 75 words or less. You will be notified by email if your work is selected. All work is copyrighted by the author.

Her collection of poems Still Life With Wings has been published and is available from her website or Amazon.  The book contains a few poems that relate to Haddam and its history, as well as the environment and other topics.


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