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Haddam Civic League Scholarship 2021 Now Accepting Applications

Are you interested in the field of Journalism or Communication? Are you a graduating senior who is a resident of Haddam, Higganum, Haddam Neck, or Killingworth? Then maybe this scholarship is for you.
     The Haddam Civic League Scholarship was established in 2015 to recognize students whose high school career reflects the values of good citizenship, respect and an appreciation of the role communications plays in our society. The Haddam Civic League is organized and operated for the purpose of collecting and disseminating news and information for the benefit of the citizens of Haddam through its on-line newspaper and its print newspaper Haddam Killingworth News. The organization is guided by a sense of impartiality including presentation of opposing views, devoid of conflicts of interest and supported by research.
     Any graduating senior who is a resident of Haddam or Killingworth, a member in good standing of his/her student body, a participant in extra-curricular activities and who has performed community service during his/her high school career is eligible for this scholarship.  The student shall have participated in at least one aspect of communications in high school (school newspaper, TV, or other journalism activity).  The student shall have contributed at least one (1) article to the publication. The scholarship award is for use in the student’s pursuit of secondary education in the field of journalism or communications. The student must complete the Application: HCL Scholarship Application (one can access the application here: HCL scholarship application, and submit two letters of recommendation and an essay (750 words or less) that addresses the following: What role should the media play in the dissemination of information? Why is accurate and unbiased information important? How do you see your college major fitting into the values of proper journalism or communications?
     The student may be required to interview with the Scholarship Committee and/or its representatives. Specifications can be found at the following link: HCL 2021 Scholarship Specs. Applications must be postmarked no late than April 15, 2021 mailed to The Haddam Civic League Scholarship Fund Committee, c/o William R. Bowles, Esq., PO Box 478, Higganum, CT 06441-0478.
     Payment of the scholarship proceeds will be made directly to the student upon verification of tuition payment via a cancelled check or a receipt from the recipient’s choice of college or university.
Haddam Civic League is the parent organization of and Haddam Killingworth News.

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