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Haddam Churches Seeking Choir Director/Organist

Submitted by John Anderson 

(September 29, 2022) —The First Congregational Church of Haddam was organized in 1700.  In 1844, the minister and a group of parishioners broke away to form the Higganum Congregational Church. Higganum was closer to the river and the commercial center of town. The Higganum sanctuary was dedicated in 1845. Since membership in both churches, as in many Christian churches, has declined, the churches started sharing a minister in 2015.  Now the members have agreed in principle to, once again, combine into one church.

The churches are currently in the process of seeking a Choir Director/Organist.  We are considering having one person fill both roles or creating two positions.  Both churches have fine pipe organs and grand pianos.  Higganum’s organ, which was built in 1904, is Opus 109 by Austin, with two ranks and two manuals. The Haddam church burned in 1978, and the organ was built when the church was rebuilt. That organ is an Austin Opus about 2600 with three ranks and two manuals.  There is a combined choir that varies from 10 to 15 members.  The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings and sings at Sunday services.

The churches are considering expanding the music program to include a community-wide adult and/or youth choir.  For the right candidate, opportunities exist to combine this position with an artist-in-residency option and/or a graduate study in sacred music and/or the development of a community music school or projects to create a more full-time vocation.  Interested parties may inquire at


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