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H-K Celebrates Music in Our Schools Month: March 24, 2021

Submitted by Marcy Webster.

Skylar Hale

(March 24, 2021) This week we feature Haddam Killingworth Middle School 8th graders, Chase Lenart and Skylar Hale! Skylar and Chase have participated in band, chorus, and drama throughout their four years at middle school. Their positivity and enthusiasm for all kinds of music performance has contributed so much to the HKMS music department. Skylar and Chase are both eager to continue making music in high school. We can’t wait to see what music has in store for each of them at Haddam Killingworth High School!

Chase Lenart

Chloe Patton is the Killingworth Elementary School musician of the month. Chloe has always been an extremely musical child. Her music teacher noticed her passion for music and beautiful voice from her very first days in Kindergarten. On top of being a very strong singer, she is putting a lot of effort into learning different instruments, such as violin and piano.

Chloe Patton

This year, Chloe has been nominated to receive CAS award. This program is recognizing students at the elementary level with outstanding ability in the performing and visual arts. Congratulations Chloe!

Pictures provided by RSD #17.

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