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H-K Celebrates Music in Our Schools Month: March 10, 2021

Submitted by Marcy Webster.

(March 10, 2021) — Serenity Carlson is the BES musician of the month.  Serenity has been working very hard at learning how to play the recorder this year.

She has worked through any challenges that she has come across and she recently earned her black belt in recorder karate! Great job Serenity!

7th grader Adam “AJ” Livingston has played the clarinet in band at both HES and HKMS.  Last year, he represented HKMS in the Southern Region Middle School music festival, where he played with over 100 other musicians in the concert band!

AJ also plays piano, and recently started studying the alto saxophone — he hopes to double on woodwinds to play in both concert band and jazz band in the future!

Daniel LaRosa, a senior at HKHS, is an outstanding semester 2 Piano student. While he has a strong background in piano, he has gone back-to-basics in class to master foundational skills and is tearing through his repertoire book as a fully-engaged and motivated student in the Hybrid Model.

Kudos to Dan for taking initiative and working hard from home and in-person!

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