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goPINK Raises $43,556 for Cancer Patients

Submitted by Amanda Falcone, Middlesex Health. 

MIDDLETOWN (Dec. 10, 2021) — This year, goPINK raised $43,556 to support Middlesex Health Cancer Center patients. All proceeds help cancer patients receive free integrative medicine therapy, including patients who have breast cancer.

Local businesses, schools and sports teams raised money for goPINK this year. In addition, a goPINK Party was held in honor of Dr. Robert Levy, a Middlesex Health medical oncologist. It also held a virtual goPINK Duck Race that was streamed live on Facebook.

Throughout its 12-year history, goPINK has raised $329,823, providing free integrative medicine therapy to nearly 2,000 cancer patients. Integrative medicine includes massage therapy, reflexology and acupuncture — therapies not covered by insurance. They help patients cope with treatment side effects.

“We are always grateful and amazed by the outpouring of support from our community,” says Sarah Moore, Middlesex Health’s director of development. “Thank you to those who supported goPINK this year. Your generosity will absolutely make a difference to our cancer patients.”

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