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Girls Lacrosse 2022: HKHS Defeats Lyme-Old Lyme 13-7

Submitted by, Janice Calvi-Ruimerman.

The Wildcats of Lyme-Old Lyme were tamed on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, as the Haddam- Killingworth High School Cougars overtook the Lyme-Old Lyme Varsity team on their home turf with a 13–7 win.

Lyme-Old Lyme’s offense was quickly caged by the Cougars defensive team of Kyla Mazzotta, Senior, Te’a Norman and Peyton Tyler, Sophomores, Ava Ramino, Freshman, and Senior Goalie Rhianna (Rhi) Phipps giving up only 7 goals.  The HKHS offense scored 9 goals in the first half and 4 more in the second to total 13 goals for the win.  Senior Yumi Imai scored 1 shot on goal and 1 free shot, Grace Cassidy, Senior, scored 2 goals, Juniors, Audrey Wrinn and Georgia Cancroft scored 1 goal each, Sophomore Samantha (Sammy) Ruimerman scored 1 goal and gained possession on 5 draws while Freshman Seanna (SeaSea) Ruimerman scored 5 shots on goal and 1 free shot. The Wildcats were left chasing their tails as Junior Sophie Ramino forced 4 turnovers, stealing the ball from Lyme-Old Lyme’s possession.

Great game, Lady Cougars. Way to keep those sticks up, even in the rain!

See the full season’s game schedule on HKHS Athletics website.

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