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Find a Fur Baby: Adopt a Senior Dog Month — Teddy & Ice

Submitted by Judith Levin.

(Nov. 5, 2020) — For all of you, November is adopt a senior dog month.  There are many senior dogs in the pounds that need a loving home to live the rest of their lives out.

Here are two beautiful dogs that have so much life and love to give to someone that is willing to take them home.  Dogs that have been given a second chance to be loved especially older dogs make the best pets and they are so appreciative for this.


Teddy– Shepherd X, age 8, NO PETS

Ice- Mastiff X, age 9, no cats, docile large dogs are usually okay


These two dogs are in fine health, who have been waiting for way too long!  Both are from Brooklyn NY Animal Control (BACC) and both have been impounded/kenneled for a year or close to it.

They are deteriorating rapidly as they have lost hope!  BAAC will not subject them to another harsh winter locked inside. Winters are horribly depressing for the dogs at their shelter and these two cannot handle another winter locked up (they spent last years at BACC until March).

If you or someone you know, is willing to open their home to a very loving and grateful senior like Teddy or Ice, please fill out an application and do not delay.   Apply at www.brasscityrescue.org



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