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Eversource to Replace Wood Transmission Structures in Haddam

(May 29, 2019) — Eversource is replacing existing wood transmission structures in Haddam, Deep River, Chester, Essex, and Old Saybrook. “Maintaining the infrastructure that supports electric lines is one of the many ways Eversource ensures the safe, secure transmission of electricity throughout the region,” says Brian Ragozzine, of Eversource. 

Crews from Heritage Consultants LLC, JHD, BluRoc, and PAR will be working in our area. In case the project involves work on your property, here is important information about how they will be working in your neighborhood: 

  • The work will not interrupt electric service to your property 
  • All people working on this project carry identification. Eversource contractors will occasionally be in your neighborhood to tell you what to expect. They may leave an informational doorhanger at your home or knock on your door to talk to you about the project work.  
  • Construction will be taking place within the existing right of way (transmission corridor) in Haddam, Deep River, Chester, Essex, and Old Saybrook. 
  • Contact Eversource by email at or call 1-800-793-2202 if you have any questions. 
  • The hours for construction are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday. 

Because construction vehicles and equipment must be able to access each transmission structure, Eversource may be building or enhancing gravel roads to provide access to those structures. They may also install level work pads to create a stable work area for equipment.  Eversource uses timber mats to protect environmentally sensitive areas, as well as soil erosion and sedimentation controls such as silt fences and straw bales to protect areas. When required, drilling activities usually take place for a few days at each location where structures are being replaced. Depending on soil conditions, the drilling may last longer. At the end of the work day, any open foundation holes will be safely covered and secured. Once Eversource completes the foundation installation, they will assemble and install the new steel structures, which are set into position by cranes and/or bucket trucks. The existing structures will be taken apart and removed from the site, and Eversource will recycle or properly dispose of all material removed from the site.  

Eversource expects all work to be complete by the Fall of 2019. In late Fall, crews from Creative Surveying will be working to conduct drone inspections of all existing transmission structures and wire in this right-of-way. 

This is all “part of our everyday effort to deliver reliable energy to our customers and communities,” says Mr. Ragozzine. “Eversource is committed to being a good neighbor and doing our work with respect for you and your property.” 

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