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Eversource Receives National Recognition for Exemplary Disability Hiring & Employment Practices

Submitted by Mitch Gross, Eversource.

BERLIN, Conn. (November 24, 2020) – In recognition of its unyielding commitment to an inclusive work environment for all employees and the diversification of its workforce, Eversource is being honored with the 2020 National Disability on Organization (NOD)’s Leading Disability Employer Seal. The Leading Disability Employer Seal celebrates companies leading the way in inclusive hiring practices for employees who experience disabilities and encourages other companies to tap into the many benefits of hiring talent who are differently abled, including high rates of productivity and dedication and greater employee engagement.

“We’re honored to receive this distinguished national recognition, which reflects many of our core values as a company and demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion for all of our customers, communities and employees,” said Eversource Vice President of Culture, Talent and Organizational Development Doreen Nichols. “Our work to build and nurture a diverse, inclusive workplace never ceases, but this honor celebrates the important progress we’ve made in becoming an employer of choice, and in being a company open to diverse people, perspectives and experiences.”

Sr. Customer Service Rep. Tim Vernon, who is blind, at the “bubble wall” containing bubbles painted in braille, in Westwood, Mass.
The NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal is awarded to companies based on a confidential assessment that benchmarks companies’ disability inclusion programs in the following areas: Climate & Culture, People Practices, Talent Sourcing, Workplace & Technology, and Strategy & Metrics.
As part of its commitment to inclusive hiring practices, Eversource proactively works with community partners to identify and recruit people who experience disabilities. The energy company is also a major sponsor of large marquee events and partners with organizations such as Special Olympics, Easter Seals and numerous disabled veterans’ groups.
“America’s success in the world depends on how well we inspire and put to use the talents and energies of every person in this country,” said NOD Chairman Governor Tom Ridge. “We at NOD remain committed to seeing that vision fulfilled by working closely with corporate America to help them achieve their disability goals. These organizations have stepped up and are doing just that, and we applaud their leadership and thank you them for their commitment to hiring people with disabilities.”
Click here to learn more about Eversource’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Action Plan to attract, develop and train a diverse workforce.

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