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Candidate Statements for the August 9, 2022 Connecticut Primary

By Editorial Staff

Haddam Killingworth News invited the candidates in both the Republican and Democratic Primary elections to submit a 100-word response to the question “Why are you running for your office?”

In the Republican Primary the candidates for U. S. Senate are, Themis Klarides, Leora Levy, and Peter Lumaj.  Republicans vying for the office of Secretary of the State are Dominic Rapini and Terrie Wood. In the Democratic Primary the candidates for Secretary of the State are Maritza Bond and Stephanie Thomas.  Running for the position of Treasurer are Democrats Dita Bhargava, Karen Dubois-Walton, and Erick Russell.

Below are the answers from those candidates who responded to our request.

U.S Senate/Republican Candidates


Themis Klarides

Themis Klarides (R):  “I am running for office because Connecticut deserves a Senator who will actually fight for balanced budgets, lower taxes, and public safety instead of focusing on television cameras and talking points. I was a successful legislative leader because I know how to find common ground on common sense solutions and deliver results for Connecticut. My family is the embodiment of the American Dream—coming from Greece, settling in the Naugatuck Valley and finding success in the supermarket business. I am running to ensure that same opportunity exists for other families both now and in the future.”



Leora Levy

Leora Levy (R):  “We have a great opportunity to win this November, but it matters who we nominate. I’m a principled, common-sense conservative outsider, not a career politician. Biden and Blumenthal destroyed America with high inflation, record gas prices, lawlessness, and an invasion at our southern border. New perspectives are needed to stop the spending, reignite American energy independence, support our police and stop coddling criminals, keep CRT out of education, respect and expand parental rights. I’m the only law and order candidate with rank and file support; and I’m running to be the reliable 51st Republican vote who will fight for you in the Senate.”

Peter Lumaj

Peter Lumaj (R):  “Connecticut Republicans have the opportunity August 9th to vote for the true conservative in the primary, who has remained consistent in my policies. Escaping Communist Albania to become an American citizen, working hard to put myself through college and become an immigration attorney, I fight to keep America free. As the party nominee for SOTS, I received a half million votes statewide, including inner city votes, and was first to announce my run against Sen. Blumenthal in 2022. As your Senator, I will fight to lower inflation, reduce crime, end the crisis at our border, and make our country strong.”

Secretary of the State/ Republican Candidates


Dominic Rapini

Dominic Rapini (R):  “In 2019 I took a deep interest in Connecticut elections. I have since become an election official in order to understand the mechanics of our elections and to better prepare me to take our elections to the next level of innovation, trust and fairness.  I was impressed to see the thoughtful work done by our Registrars and Clerks in securing the integrity of our elections, but I also saw so much opportunity for improvement.  So here I am today, coming off the sidelines, willing to bring to bear my 25 years of business and technology experience from Silicon Valley and apply my life learning to strengthen the tools needed for strong elections.”


Terri Wood

Terrie Wood (R): “It’s been a joy beyond words to serve as state representative for Norwalk and Darien. My leadership hallmarks: integrity, common sense and strong listening skills. This, coupled with a strong belief in our Constitutional and Republican values of a bottom up government that represents the voices of the people, is why I’ve earned great trust from constituents and colleagues alike. Winning seven elections by wide margins proves my electability; fourteen years of success/experience on the state level and twelve years in leadership roles in our community demonstrate my experience in knowing how to lead with good policy and sound governance.”


Secretary of the State/Democratic Candidates


Maritza Bond

Maritza Bond (D): “We are at a critical juncture.  I believe in public service, and being a catalyst to make people’s lives better. Throughout my career, I’ve had no higher priority.  As our next Secretary of the State, my goals are clear:  restore fiscal autonomy to the Office so we can be proactive in protecting our democracy; expand access to voting with multi-faceted inclusive policies and multilingual educational campaigns to combat misinformation; establish permanent early voting and no-excuse absentee ballots; and revitalize the small and minority business unit, advancing economic opportunity and making it easier for small businesses to launch, innovate and thrive.”


Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas (D): “As the endorsed Democrat for Secretary of the State in the August 9 primary, I am running because I believe civic education and community engagement are key to protecting voting rights and reconnecting people to our government and the voting process. My priorities are protecting our elections, expanding voting rights, streamlining services to ensure businesses succeed, and serving with integrity and transparency. As a State Representative and small business owner, I know what it takes to build myself from the ground up. I am committed to representing all of us and I will fight for a more fair Connecticut.”


Treasurer/Democratic Candidates


Dita Bhargava

Dita Bhargava (D): “Fiscal challenges of the past decade have made it exceedingly difficult for Connecticut residents to get ahead. I’m running for State Treasurer because residents of Connecticut deserve an elected official who understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. As a working parent with 25 years of experience in the financial world, I will leverage my background to create conditions of growth across Connecticut and spur the creation of more jobs. I believe that a strong treasury is supported by responsible social governance and I will aim to protect equal access to education, opportunity and livelihood while unlocking Connecticut’s true economic potential.”


Karen Dubois-Walton

Karen Dubois-Walton (D): “Graduating from Yale, I began a 27-year public service career.  I have experience with public finance, pension and capital borrowing, serving as Chief of Staff and Chief Administrative Officer in New Haven and for 15 years, leading New Haven’s Housing Authority ($150 million budget and $800 million in assets) transforming public housing. Appointed by Governor Lamont, I am Chair of the Connecticut State Board of Education.  As Treasurer, I will responsibly manage pension funds, direct public investments to benefit hard-working families and deliver effective financial literacy and asset-building programs to build savings and close wealth gaps.  I am running because we need a Treasurer with a proven track record of delivering for families.”

Erick Russell

Erick Russell (D): Erick Russell is the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Treasurer – the only candidate to be supported by former State Treasurers who know firsthand the values and qualifications necessary for that office. Erick currently represents municipalities and the state to help manage debt and finance critical infrastructure projects that support safer, stronger communities. Erick’s Main Street values and experience will help keep Connecticut fiscally strong and ensure that our investments guarantee economic benefits to all residents, expand financial literacy programs to give everyone a chance at success, and leverage Connecticut’s power as a large shareholder to hold Wall Street accountable.

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