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Brainerd Memorial Library: Bringing the Outside In

Submitted by Robbie Marshall, Asst. Dir., Brainerd Memorial Library.

(April 11, 2022) — Did you know that the Brainerd Memorial Library has birdfeeders?  They are attached to the library right outside the windows in the Children’s Department which provides guides to identify the birds.  We’re also installing bluebird houses!

Link to Free Audubon Bird App

The Friends of the Library have generously sponsored a new initiative to provide food, feeders, and houses for the wild birds on BML property so patrons can enjoy some bird watching.

Get to Know These 20 Common Birds

New to birding? Right outside your window is a great place to get started, so here is a list of some of the most common backyard birds found throughout the country.

Even if you’re an experienced birder, the list also includes some fun facts about our most common—and most beloved—feathered friends.  Learn More

These goldfinches showed up April 10, 2022, at our window feeder and are now regulars.

The Brainerd Memorial Library is located at 920 Saybrook Road in Haddam.


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