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Letter to the Editor: Bob Siegrist for Town Clerk of Haddam

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. We welcome supporting or opposing views on any published item. Received October 19, 2021.

I strongly support and endorse Bob Siegrist for the office of the Town Clerk of Haddam. As a lifelong resident of Haddam, he comes from a family that has taught him the values of being engaged and advocating for our community. He grew up participating in and continues to be actively involved, while continuously honing the skills needed to support the town of Haddam.

The office of Town Clerk is more involved than distributing marriage licenses and dump stickers. That’s why it’s essential for the town to have a qualified person with the knowledge, background, and skills to thrive in the administration of that office and implement it appropriately. Honest and sensible, equitable, and forthright are just a few traits that are commonly used to describe Bob and are essential for this job. It is very important to have an individual who is articulate, organized, and familiar with ALL the responsibilities necessary to do the job of Town Clerk. Having known Bob for many years, I’ve come to learn he is a genuinely a reasonable and practical person and an all-around nice guy.

Bob has shown consistently that he has garnered diverse support in his service to our community. Including The Connecticut Business and Industry Association, and The American League of Conservation Voters to names a few. This clearly illustrates his bilateral approach to important issue and affability.

Bob Siegrist is the best and most qualified candidate for the office of Town Clerk of Haddam. Not only does he have the depth of knowledge and organizational skills needed but he has the dedication and diplomacy required to do the job.

Mr. Pablo Luis Arroyo
Haddam, CT






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