Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Blue Earth Compost Offering Paid Summer 2019 Internship

Reducing food “waste” is one of the most important things we can do to slow climate change and revitalize the soil we depend on for our food. For five years, we at Blue Earth Compost have been tackling this issue by collecting food scraps from homes, apartments, schools, restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores and hauling it to compost and anaerobic digestion facilities in Connecticut. In that time, we’ve diverted over 4.4 million pounds of food scraps. That’s environmentally equivalent to mitigating the emissions of 114,285 gallons of gasoline or keeping 1,120 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere(4).

Do you like doing something good for the environment and computers? Are you also a current college student looking for a paid Summer internship? Hit us up to help bring Blue Earth Compost into the digital age. This summer internship pays $15/hour. To apply, go to their Facebook page.

Blue Earth Compost wants to change the way that you view food “waste”. Food scraps are a valuable resource, not waste, and they don’t belong in landfills or the incinerator. When food is thrown away, we also lose the vast resources used to grow it – the water to irrigate, the fuel for farm equipment and transportation, and the nutrients taken from the soil, among other things. Instead, by composting our food scraps, we can ensure that they return to the earth to benefit our soil, air, and water.

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