Friday, June 9, 2023

A Book for Kids

Haddam native writes humorous book for children.

By Stew Gillmor

Matt Zavod, M.D., noted singer and all-round guy grew up in Haddam, went to H.E.S., was in the Cub Scouts and kids’ soccer league.  After a splendid beginning (Connecticut State Rifle Champion, lead singer in a number of musical plays and choral concerts) in high school, college and after, Matt became a noted otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon.  Matt has sung on a number of professional CDs and has frequently performed the National Anthem before crowds at Oakland Athletics baseball games.

How has this led to Matt publishing a childrens’ book on overcoming the fear of a vaccination?  The subject is most relevant now.  Each day our newspapers show several photos of adults getting stuck with needles.  As a child, Matt was afraid of needles and of getting shots at the doctor’s office.  So…he invented a silly Doc and wrote the book he calls “Dr. Ridiculopickulopot and the Shot”.

(Say: Ridiculo piculo pot).  A child is brought to the silly doctor’s office by his mother and then weighed and measured by the nurse.  As the child begins to get his shot, an accident occurs to the goofy Doc and the child ends up comforting the Doc.  The child gets his vaccination, and all ends well.

The text is accompanied by numerous excellent color illustrations by the noted Romanian artist Orsolya Orbán.  This would be a terrific book for children before visiting the doctor’s office for shots.  The book can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, $10 Paperback and $16 Hardback, or from consulting the website

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