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Letter to the Editor: Great Local Bakeries are Hard to Find

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. Received July 3, 2021.

Good local bakeries are hard to find and many don’t survive.  So, after reading your article on the Sweet Baker,  I want to mention another bakery, the Cozy Corner Bake Shoppe in Killingworth.  It’s located across from the Killingworth Village shops and next to the Cooking Company.  It’s at the back of the complex; so you have to look for it.

My wife and I like the Triple Delights, a pastry with chocolate, raspberry and almonds.  They are so popular that you have to pick them up right after they bake them or you risk not being able to get them.  I like the Apple Turnovers: large pastry with lots of apples, no airy puffs, good pastry and sugar glaze.  They also have cookies, Danish, scones, cupcakes, éclairs, specialty breads, fruit tarts and pies.

They feature a small assortment of cakes on display but will custom bake whatever you want for the occasion including weddings.

They bake for the holidays and take holiday orders with 2 days notice.

They are also community friendly.  What doesn’t get sold goes as day old to a local food pantry.  We’ve actually seen the pick-up.

The gentleman who does the baking gets up very early every business day to provide fresh baked goods.  Then he leaves the shop in the care of his very cordial staff.

So I suggest you support your local bakery whether it be the Sweet Baker or the Cozy Corner Bake Shoppe.  They are a gem for the communities who are lucky to have one.

Steve Lowrance

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