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2021 Lose the Litter Contest Winners

By Kathy Brown.

Mila Bella picked up trash along Reservoir Road in Killingworth

On April 15, we announced that along with the towns of Haddam and Killingworth, we were sponsoring a Lose the Litter contest for Earth Day. The idea was to take a walk in either of our towns and bring a garbage bag or two to clean up our roads. We have two winners, both in Killingworth. Unfortunately, we had no entries from Haddam.

Annie (9) and Greta (5) Webster of Killingworth picked up 4 large bags of garbage on Bar Gate Trail & Chestnut Hill Road.

Each family will receive a gift card for a local nursery so they can beautify their yard!

Earth Day isn’t the only time to clean up the roads though. Whenever you take a walk, bring a bag in your pocket in case you come upon some trash to remove. We’re all responsible for the cleanliness of our towns’ roads.


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