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2021 Candidates: Killingworth Zoning Board of Appeals

We reached out to both the Killingworth Republican Town Committee and the Killingworth Democrat Town Committee and asked candidates to respond to a set of questions; if a candidate did not respond, their name is listed, so that you know who is running for each office.

Updates from all candidates are welcome and will be published as Letters to the Editor. The questions posed to the candidates were:

Tell us a little about yourself.

Brian Young

Brian Patrick Young (D): I have lived in Killingworth for 23 Years with my wife.  We have three boys, two currently in the RSD17 school system and one in college.  I have worked at Yale University for the last 30 Years. I have been on the Killingworth ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) since 2004.


Graig Judge

Graig Judge (R): I have lived in Killingworth since 2008 and have worked in town at my family business, Interstate Batteries of Connecticut, since 1999.   I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from UCONN in History and Political Science.  My amazing wife Sarah and I live with our lovely daughter Fiona.  We have two dogs who are very spoiled.  I also serve on the Killingworth Volunteer Fire Company as Rescue Lieutenant.

Ben Charney


Benjamin Charney (D) for ZBA Alternate: My name is Ben Charney and I am running for reelection to the Killingworth ZBA because volunteerism is it at the heart of what it means to live in Killingworth.  

John Mancini

John Mancini (R) for ZBA Alternate: A Killingworth resident for the past 25 years, I’ve made a successful career in the financial services industry with over 30 years of finance e and credit experience.  My hobbies include boating, camping and enjoying nature at its fullest.  I reside with my wife, Tina and our two dogs.  We have a grown son and have joined the ranks of Grandparents with a beautiful granddaughter recently. 

Why are you running for the position?

Brian Patrick Young (D): I believe deeply in our rural community and want to see it protected for future generations. 

Graig Judge (R): I am running for Zoning Board of Appeals to continue my service to the town.  My current job as General Manager of the family business has prepared me to serve on boards and commissions within our town government. 

Benjamin Charney (D): Serving on the ZBA has given me the opportunity to give back to this amazing community while leveraging my own expertise and interests. 

John Mancini (R): I want to give back to the town that has been so good to us.   Giving back to our community is so important.  

What do you see as the important issues facing Killingworth and how would you address them in your role? 

Brian Patrick Young (D): Our town has become a pass through for access to the towns along the coast.  We have never seen as much traffic on Route 81 as we do today.  This brings not only cars but the undesirable events that accompany it.  I would continue to use my role to mitigate against that as much as possible while supporting development. 

Benjamin Charney (D): Two of the most important issues facing our town are the changing housing requirements and needs of residents while continuing our town’s strong track record of keeping taxes low without risk to preserving what we all love about Killingworth.  The ZBA is instrumental in addressing both of these issues by working with residents who come before the board in finding creative solutions to meet the individual housing needs of growing families, long time residents who wish to stay in town, and the increased number of residents working or operating a business from home. By helping our neighbors through these complex challenges, the ZBA is able to preserve the character of our Town while enhancing the Grand List which keeps our mil rate low. 

What are the key things you love about this town and its people? 

Graig Judge(R): I love the passion our volunteers have in town, from the Parmelee Farm, the Fire Company, the Ambulance Association, the Lions , to the group taking care of the circle.  Without the numerous hours of volunteer labor donated to the town, Killingworth would not be the beautiful quaint New England town it is. 

Brian Patrick Young (D): What I love about this town and its people is that it is a friendly, rural community where people can raise a family without worry. 

Benjamin Charney (D): What attracted us to Killingworth is the rural beauty; the secluded oasis just moments from the Shoreline.  Upon calling Killingworth home, it has been the spirit of volunteerism and selfless dedication to the community by the community that truly makes this a special place. 

John Mancini (R): A wonderful sense of community and diversity in a small New England town.   It always amazes me how generous the townspeople are to each other in time of need; and how significant volunteerism is in the town. 

Additional thoughts to leave voters with? 

Brian Patrick Young (D): Whoever you vote for, please think about what you love about where you live and vote for those who you believe will protect it. 

Graig Judge (R):  In order to get anything done with a small municipality such as Killingworth requires getting out and doing, which is just part of what I do.  My motto is put on a mask or whatever the tool you need for the specific job is and get to work.

Benjamin Charney (D): While most residents may never have the opportunity to come before the ZBA, our Board serves a vital function within town.  Should you ever have the need for our services don’t be worried about the process, we’re here to help.

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