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Treaty of Versailles, Our WWI Heroes

Compiled by Sally Haase.

On June 28, 1919, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles officially ended the Great War. The State Library in Hartford lists 57 men from Haddam who served in the war overseas, on our coastline, in the states or in Panama. The monument in Killingworth lists 23. Haddam’s war dead were: William T. Woodruff, Killed in Action, Hezekiah S. Porter, Killed in Action, and Hilmer O. Johnson, from the Flu.  Killingworth claims one fallen soldier Camillo M. Malcarne, from pneumonia.

Returning service men were given a questionnaire which would become a permanent record of their service and experience.  It said in part, “Your completed Questionnaire will convey to your children and to their children, your story in your own word, of the part you took in the great conflict.” Below are excerpts of the Military Service Records from some of our local heroes.


Name:  Cephas Brainerd, DOB: Not Found

Parents: Cephas Brainerd, Jr. & Harriet Tyler Arnold

Branch and Rank: U.S. Marine Corp, Private, Training Battalion, Paris Island, S.C.

Parents: Cephas Brainerd, Jr. & Harriet Tyler Arnold

Notes: I was enabled to meet men of a different kind of life and to gain much information as to how the country is made up of a lot of differing types who can get along well together if they wish to.

Post War Occupation:  Business Manager, War Camp Community Service




Name:  Arthur Hennisey, DOB: April 14, 1896

Parents: John & Mary Hennisey

Branch and Rank: First Provisional Convoy Co., Sergeant 1st Class

Injuries: Measles 3, 1919

Notes: September 1, 1918 transferred to Motor Transport Corps, convoying trucks and touring cars between Detroit and New York. Transfer overseas was cancelled October 25, 1918.

Post War Occupation:  Chauffeur and Mechanic


Name:  Gustaf Andrew Carlson, DOB: September 7, 1894

Parents: August Carlson & Charlotta Johnson

Branch and Rank: Sergeant, 53rd Infantry, 6th Division

Notes: August 1918, All over France and Germany, Alsace-Lorraine Mountains then the Muse-Argonne Offensive

Post War Occupation:  Millwright


Name:  Fredrick Wilhelm Fredrickson, DOB: March 1, 1896  

Parents: Gustaf Fredrickson & Hannah Erickson

Branch and Rank: Co. H. 26th Infantry National Army, Private

Injuries: Gassed at Chemin De Dames, Marched 17, 1918

Notes: Being a draftee, I had no choice of the matter, but having once entered the service I accepted it…and cannot really say that I am sorry for entering. I must admit, I’m much wiser than before.

Post War Occupation:  Machinist




William Woodruff

Name:  William Taylor Woodruff, DOB: October 5, 1890 [see image]

Parents: Arthur E. Woodruff & Grace Beers

Branch and Rank: 10th Co. Dep. Brigade, National Army

Killed In Action: By a machine gun. Argonne Forest in France. While going over the top. October 16th, 1918.







Name:  Erland Anthony Lundgren, DOB: October 22, 1892  

Parents: L. Alfred Lundgren & Albertina Anderson

Branch and Rank: U.S. Army Ambulance Medical Reserve Corps, Sergeant 1st Class

Notes: Served: Viller-Cotere(Aisne) and Ypres offensive. Awarded the “Croix de Guerre on June 22, 1918. Example of Endurance and Devotion under fire – Aisne Offensive – Viller-Cotere  June 1 – 5, 1918.






Name:  Lafayette Gladwin, DOB: May 13, 1896

Parents:  Laville Gladwin and Abbie M. Jones

Branch and Rank: Infantry and Coast Artillery, Private

Post War Occupation:  Farmer


Name:  Joseph Novotny, DOB: February 14, 1878 in Bohemia

Parents: John Novotny and Katrina Horacek

Branch and Rank:  Regular Army, Recruit Band, Musician

Injuries: Gassed near Fere-en-Tardenoise about August 10, 1918

Notes: Participated in the Second Battle of the Muse, Chateau Thierry

Post War Occupation:  Disabled with chronic bronchitis. Waiting to be notified from Federal Board to take up a course in music.


Name:  Leonard Joseph Loewe, DOB: November 14, 1870

Parents: Leonard & Margareth Loewe

Branch and Rank:  303rd Machine Gun Battalion, 304th Regiment, 76th Division, Captain (physician)

Notes: I had been enrolled under the Colonel [Theodore] Roosevelt before…the war and felt it was my duty to help all I could. I took part in no Battles…excepting ‘Influenza.’

Post War Occupation:  Practicing Physician


Name:  William David Brainerd, DOB: October 12,1894

Parents: Harvey Gillette & Jessie Adelia Alden

Branch and Rank:  U.S. Navy, Coxswain


Name:  Walter Schutte, DOB: May 9, 1897  

Parents: Emil Schutte & Marie Link

Branch and Rank:  Coast Artillery Corps in the Regular Army, Panama Canal Zone, Private

Injuries: With influenza then Pneumonia which caused Parercodic Heart or Displacement of the Heart.

…lighter work and can’t follow carpenter trade on account of Heart Displacement.

Post War Occupation:  Ticket collector, Steamer Middletown




Name:  Julius Bernhard Schutte, DOB: April 24, 1899  

Parents: Emil Schutte & Marie Link

Branch and Rank:  U.S. Navy, Fireman 1st Class

Notes: Served aboard the USS Rhode Island along the East Coast

Post War Occupation:  Farmer





Name:  John Michael Traskos, DOB: May 15, 1895

Parents: Michael Traskos & Mary Halibozek

Branch and Rank:  Regular Army, Infantry, Private

Notes: First saw action at Vosges Mountains

Post War Occupation:  Car maker


Name:  Elville Leroy Harris, DOB: July 1, 1894

Parents: Myron Edgar Harris & Nellie Blance

Branch and Rank:  Medical Corps, Regular Army Base Hospital, McClellan, Ala., Private

Notes: From Killingworth, Harris was a farmer and worked in a wagon shop.


This article credits Phil Devlin for his endless research, Lisa Malloy of the Haddam Historical Society and Rick Annino of the Haddam Veteran Museum for sharing pictures and documents.  Phil, Lisa and Rick would appreciate any photos, letters or documents you may have in your possession of veterans of this war or any conflict before or after WWI. As they say, “Lest We Forget.”

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