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Haddam Troopers: Illegal Possession of an Assault Weapon

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April 24, 2019 
Robert Casale, 36, of Cedar Lake Road, Haddam, turned himself in on an active arrest warrant.  On February 14, 2019, Casale reported that three of his firearms were stolen from his residence. An investigation allegedly found that Casale failed to report his firearms stolen when first learning of it around January 2019 and that Casale initially provided Trooper Milardo with a false statement on February 14, 2019. The investigation further revealed that Casale never registered two of the firearms with the Connecticut State Police Special Licensing and Firearms unit.  Casale was charged with two counts of Illegal possession of an assault weapon, Failure to report lost or stolen firearms and False statement. The investigation into the thefts is ongoing. Casale was released on a $10,000 court set bond and is to be appear at Middlesex Superior Court on May 5, 2019. 
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Editor’s Note: Summary of Connecticut Gun Laws:The Connecticut Constitution gives every citizen the right to bear arms in defense of himself or herself and the state. For regulatory purposes, state law designates four types of firearms: handguns (pistols and revolvers), long guns (rifles and shotguns), assault weapons, and machine guns. Anyone buying or otherwise acquiring a handgun in Connecticut, including at a gun show, or applying for a gun permit or eligibility certificate must follow prescribed procedures and meet certain statutory criteria. No permit, certificate, or other credential is required to own, buy, possess, acquire, or carry long guns. With limited exceptions, state law bans the sale, use, and possession of assault weapons.” For the full summary, see this website.

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